goo bts

goo bts: a behind the scenes look at the ups & downs

I’m trying a lot of new things right now. (as I said I was going to this year)

  • organizing a local meetup
  • local meetup speaking
  • conference speaking
  • etc..

As part of my regular self-care routine, I commonly write about my thoughts, successes and struggles

It recently occurred to me that others might benefit from seeing an open & honest view of the process behind some of these types of endeavors

. . .

...transparency is a breath of fresh air. It helps contradict the rockstar dev persona by highlighting the struggles & accomplishments of everyone Click To Tweet

For example, there’s been a number of people recently posting their conference CFP abstracts to GitHub and including whether they were accepted or not.



This type of transparency is a breath of fresh air.  It helps contradict the “rockstar dev” persona by highlighting the struggles & accomplishments of everyone.

My hope, is that in sharing my own ups & downs I can encourage others to go after their goals and see that they don’t have to have it all figured out just yet (I surly don’t).

I’m going start regularly posting in more of a “behind the scenes” (bts) fashion, and see how it goes.

For now, I hope you might find some useful advice, a bit of inspiration, or can learn from my struggles… I present “goo bts”

. . .

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